Need Bed Bug Control or Want to Learn About Bed Bug Treatment?

Sleep easier with bed bug control in Belchertown, Ludlow, & Springfield, MA

If you've got creepy crawlers in your bed, it's important to act fast. Bed bugs lay eggs every 6 to 10 days after a blood meal and over 200 eggs in their lifetime-this quickly adds up to a serious infestation. Contact Budget Pest Solutions for bed bug treatment in Belchertown, Ludlow, or Springfield, MA if:

  • You find blood stains on your pajamas
  • There are bug exoskeletons in your bedding
  • Fecal spots cover your sheets and mattress
  • You find itchy bites on your body after sleeping

Don't wait to take care of these stubborn pests. Contact us today to get rid of your bed bug infestation.

An intense approach for lasting results

Budget Pest Solutions takes extra steps when it comes to bed bug control. Unlike most exterminators in Belchertown, Ludlow, & Springfield MA, we don't just treat your property once. We'll come back two more times after the initial bed bug treatment to break the breeding cycle and make sure the bed bugs are gone for good.

Bed bug control is serious business, and we treat it that way. Call 413-324-2097 now to schedule an appointment with an exterminator who can help.