Frequently Asked Questions

Can I spray and get rid of my pest problem?

Due to the general lack of knowledge about pest biology and the complexity of modern pesticides, most people will have limited results. With our advanced education in both insect biology and pesticides we, as pest professionals, are able to safely and effectively bring pest problems to a quick resolution saving you both time and money.

Do I have to leave my home home you provide service?

Generally speaking no. Today's efforts are geared toward pinpointing how pests enter your home treating the source of the problem. Although some insects such as roaches, bedbugs etc... do require interior treatments that would require you to leave your home for a short period.

How soon before we can expect results from pest control services?

Depending on your specific problem you can expect results immediately. Some insects like Termites will take careful monitoring over a long period of time to ensure effective results. Check with our pest professional for details about your specific problem.

Is a preventative plan necessary?

No, but it can certainly de desirable. Just remember that old adage, It's cheaper to" keepem out "than to" getem out" . Always try to remember some insects and rodents can be very destructive to your home and property. So a little prevention can go a long way.

Do you offer pet friendly pest control options?

All our treatments were careful conceived with your family members in mind, even the family pets. We take every precaution to prevent your family coming in contact with our materials. We go to great lengths to place our materials where no one will be able to interact with them. In special circumstances we will instruct you about any concerns.

What actions do I need to take prior to a regular pest maintenance visit?

When preparing for your first pest treatment your pest professional will inform you of any pre treatment requirements. Most companies do not want you to change anything in your daily regiment. We often want to see how the pests are interacting with your property naturally. This includes you spraying pesticides.

Do you do inspections of the home prior to service?

As a rule we like to see the property first and see what you are experiencing. Through speaking to you on the phone we can often grasp a good understanding of what your problem entails. Only when we see exactly how the pests are interacting with the property are we able to formulate an appropriate plan of action.

Will you do repairs on the home after damage from the pests?

We are licensed and insured contractors and have over 30 years of experience in dealing with pest damages. We can bring your property back to its original glory with our quality carpenters at an affordable price.